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Article: Put a Bow Ring On It: Master Your Manicure


Put a Bow Ring On It: Master Your Manicure

To have good hygiene, it’s important to take care of your nails. There’s nothing appealing about chipped nail polish or uneven nails. If you want to make a good impression, regular upkeep of your nails is vital. Whether you have regular manicures at a salon, or simply file them at your desk, having good nails is critical to your appearance and self-care routine. Here are a few tips to master your manicure.


After a fresh paint, it’s a good idea to lock in that color with a top coat. This extra layer of coating can protect the color from chipping. After you apply a top coat, air dry your nails for a couple minutes then dunk them into ice water to seal the deal. Just remember to take that bow ring off first.


Sometimes when we paint our nails, mistakes happen.   And they happen to pretty much everyone. So take a tiny brush and dip it into nail polish remover and brush away that mistake. 


After your nails have been painted and you are ready to put that bow ring back on, it’s not a bad idea to coat the cuticle with a layer of Vaseline or thick lotion to help keep them in check.   Regularly applying lotion to your hands in the morning and in the night is also a great routine to get into.

Voila. Your nails are done. Keeping a regular self-care routine is an important part of self-love and healthy hygiene. Here are a few ringtye bow rings I love to wear with a fresh manicure:

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