#QuarantineLife with Pastyes • Bow Pasties

As we enter another week of #quarantinelife, it is important to keep up your morale and look for the best in your world.  Whether it's your daily call to your dad, your boyfriend making you breakfast or maybe it's your new puppy, there are ways to fill your #quarantinelife with joy, fun and happiness.  One way to brighten your boudoir is with sparkly bow pasties.  The Pastyes Collection of intimately handcrafted nipple covers is designed to light up your most boring days with intimacy, passion and lust.  These sparkly bow pasties come in a variety of different styles that you can enjoy wearing striptease after striptease.  Whether you are entertaining on TikTok, enjoying solo time in your boudoir or just want to wear something different, these handcrafted nipple covers got you.  Here are 3 sparkly bow pasties that you should have in your lingerie wardrobe:

Bow Pasties

Sparkly Bow Pasties • Invitation Pastyes

Light up your world with this invitation to explore your sensuality and deepen your intimacy with these handcrafted sparkly nipple covers.  Inspired by the notion of an invitation, these intricately designed nipple covers will instantly light up your world by wearing them under a sheer shirt, with your favorite boy shorts or with not a thing at all.  Now aren't you glad you were invited x

Luxurious Bow Pasties • Pearlure Pastyes

Interject a little luxury into the #stayandshelter phase of life with these luxuriously feminine bow pasties designed to give you an intimate experience.  These reusable nipple covers feature a creamy glass pearl that dangles with delight upon your every move. Enjoy that striptease a little more with these luxurious nipple covers.

Flower Bow Pasties • Daisy Pastyes 

It's spring after all, and even though we are all having to #stayinside, we can still celebrate the beauty of this season with the Daisy flower nipple covers.  These handcrafted chiffon daisy nipple covers are the perfect way to enjoy spring and stripteases!  Wear them with your favorite lingerie set, a simple blazer for a flirty striptease or nothing at all x

love, tara