Seasonless Style • Black Hair Bows

Given the time that we are in, where there are stay and shelter orders, social distancing and havoc on the news, turning to your wardrobe or starting a style strategy may bring you joy in these uncertain times.  With access to the internet, you can create and discover a lot of new styles that you might not have thought of before and one of them is black hair bows.  Yes, black hair bows.  This classic hair accessory adorned in perfume ads and old-fashioned movies, ushers to life a seasonless fashion accessory that you can wear no matter when you want to!  The Hairtye Collection of fashion hair accessories features a variety of different looks that you can enjoy no matter what your #currentmood is.  Here are three black hair bows you should consider when you are looking for some inspiration, style and wardrobe diversity:

Black Hair Bows

Black Hair Bows • XO Hairtye 

Kiss your look with femininity and style in this flirty and feminine black hair bow designed to light up your look instantly.  This handcrafted black hair bow features a luxurious satin and salon-style hair bow comb that you can easily insert into any look you like!  Give yourself a kiss, you deserve it!

Black Hair Bows • Bougie Lace Hairtye

Give your look a hint of elegant femininity in this flirty and feminine black hair bow designed with intricately detailed lace.  Perfect for a night out on the town, a day at work or somewhere in between, this flirty and feminine black lace hair bow is the perfect way to give your look a seasonless and beautiful touch again and again!

Petite Velvet Hair Bows • Marie Antoinette Hairtyes 

 Designed with vintage femininity in mind, this range of velvet hair bows is the perfect way to flirty with femininity.  Use them as a tool of strategic accessorizing, these handcrafted hair bows will go with you wherever you want to go:). Whether it's the middle of summer or you are heading to a NYE party, allow these beautifully versatile hair bows take you anywhere you want to go!


love, tara