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Article: Seductive Style with Black Bow Bracelets

Seductive Style with Black Bow Bracelets

Sometimes you want to be seductive.  A little secretive. And definitely alluring.  You want to capture a sort of magic in your look that will leave a residue on the eyes of your onlookers. Whether it's for a first date, an important business meeting or something special for your anniversary, you want to create a magnetic look that makes you feel empowered, beautiful, and seductive.  That is the inspiration behind the Tyelet Collection of seductive black bow bracelets.  From simple to bold, this collection of bow bracelets is a beautiful way to accessorize.  Innately versatile and seductively feminine these black bow bracelets will go with you wherever you want to go.  From work to play to anywhere in between, this collection has something for every occasion.  Here are 3 black bow bracelets to consider for when you want to create a look with a little magic:

Black Bow Bracelet

Black Bow Bracelet • Femme Fatale Tyelet

Be the femme fatale that you are with this bold and beautiful black bow bracelet designed to create a little mystery everywhere you go.  This handcrafted satin ribbon bracelet has an elastic fit so it's comfy to wear all day and all night.  Enjoy effortless accessorizing with this bold black bracelet.

Black Bow Bracelet • Coax Tyelet 

Delight your look with simplicity and beauty with this black bow bracelet from the Coax Collection.  Inspired by simple style, this versatile bow bracelet can be easily styled with your favorite little black dress, sexy nothing or even a business suit.  Discover your magic with this simple black bow bracelet.

Black Bow Bracelet • Hickey Tyelet  

A seductive style that makes a mark:) or at least does in a style sense  - with this black bow bracelet from the Hickey Collection.  A petite satin tye bow bracelet with a clasp closure that is perfect to wear with whatever your heart desires.  Make your mark with this black bow bracelet.

love, tara

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