#SELFIE: Tips on How to Take an Awesome Selfie

It's funny how you come to discover things.  Like in the bathroom of a Vegas nightclub when all your friends gather around a very large mirror to take a group selfie.  Frankly, I'm not really into selfies, probably because I am mostly self-critical and yes, I do worry about what other's think. But this moment of friendship was bigger than my self-doubt.  It was about creating a memory that we wanted to share.  And that is exactly what a selfie is.  Appreciating your beauty and presence in moments that you want to share. So here are a few tips I have discovered from taking them and being with others that have mastered their #selfie game.


This is the most important element in taking a selfie.  Soft diffused lighting is the best light.  So taking selfies on cloudy days outside or by a window or even your favorite Italian restaurant.  Getting the lighting just right is a critical part of mastering your selfie.  Try experimenting in different areas of your home during different times of the day.  Or maybe even go outside and see what kind of lighting you can capture.  


We all have a good side and a not so great side.  Figure out what side you like best and work it.  Most face shapes look most captivating when they are looking at the camera straight on but then slightly angled down a bit.  Discover what angle works best for you and play with it.   Also look at different magazine ads and others taking selfies, and see what angle they are employing and try to emulate it with your own style.  I like to look at boudoir photography, as they have an amazing perspective on how to make the body look the most flattering.


Yes, there is an app for that.  Using apps and filters can also amp up your selfie game.  I love Facetune and the Valencia filter.  There is also an amazing app called VSCO where you can apply different filters and change the exposure and contrast to achieve the look you are going for.  Explore the App Store or the Google Play store for a wide variety of image editing tools to find one that works for you.

A final tip: have fun.  Try to check your ego and self-critic at the door when you enter into your selfie mode.  Enjoy yourself and realize that you are beautiful and you deserve to share your favorite moments with the world.

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