Sensual Accessories for the Road

We've all been there.  We want to take it all.  Wear it all.  And be prepared for it all.  But our suitcases simply just can't handle it all.  So we have to make decisions and be strategic about what to pack.  So before you start auditing your wardrobe and planning out your #ootd, start with what goes underneath.  Planning out your lingerie first ensures you have all your sexy essentials for those fun-filled days and memorable nights.  Light up your next destination with hot lingerie and sensual essentials that you can entertain in again and again.  Whether you’re enjoying a baecay, an anniversary, or a honeymoon, there are some lingerie essentials necessary to put on a traveling sexy show and keep ‘em wanting more and more!  Put on an impromptu striptease, a flirty lapdance or indulge in some cheeky foreplay, but make sure these lingerie essentials and sensual surprises are in your suitcase before you head out the door:

Vice Anklet

A Strapless Bra

A strapless bra is destined to be the MVP of your lingerie playbook.  Not only does it show off your beautiful shoulders, hold you tight with support and give you that little boost, it’s also great to wear underneath your favorite sexy dress and even more fun to take off! Perfect for one of those sultry silhouette stripteases, surprise the one you love by wowing them with a lil’ flashy flash or even asking them to take it off for you:) Ohlala!  It’s versatility alone, inside and outside the bedroom, makes it a must-have next time you are on the road!

A Thong

It’s like a scene out of a horror movie.  You find the perfect skirt but when you turn around you have panty lines! The horror! That’s where the next lingerie essential comes into play.  The thong is the perfect solution for those sexy, tight-fitted things that you want to wear seamlessly.  Perfect under a variety of different looks, a thong will also help you turn up the heat in the hotel room by showing off your beautiful booty.  Turn up some of your favorite music and wow the one you love with a little striptease, a lil’ spanking and even some twerking if you’re in the mood.  It’s your sexy lingerie show so give yourself permission to have a little fun with it - but make sure a thong makes it into your suitcase to make your next sexy lingerie show a sensual success.  


Yes, handcuffs.  Because what better way to enjoy the power of escape and surrender on your vacay than with feminine soft bondage.  Designed to bring an element of surprise and allure into your most intimate moments, handcuffs are a powerful tool you can use in every lingerie show you produce.  Tie up the one you’re with and slowly take it off, giving them a viewing party and teasing them every second of the way!  The anticipation of the show will make them succumb to your wildest fantasies. Experience the magic of wanderlust and the power of bondage the next time you are on the road. Discover the power of the Tyecuffs Collection that you can tease with again and again. 

love, tara