Sensual Bride Lingerie AccessoriesūüéÄ

Invite your sensuality into your big day with sensual bridal lingerie accessories!  Designed to make you radiate with sensual delight, the bridal collection offers an array of feminine bridal accessories that have you covered from head to toe. Create some sparks on your wedding night with this beautiful collection of bridal lingerie accessories!  Experience the magic of soft bondage, the liberation of nipple covers and the style of beautiful bridal leg garters with sensual lingerie accessories.  Perfect to keep beyond your big day, these make amazing memories.  Keep them when you want to recreate your honeymoon or have some fun on an anniversary.  These bridal sensual lingerie accessories are designed to be with you through your life.  Here is a quick look at a few bridal lingerie sensual accessories for your big day and beyond: Sensual Lingerie Accessories

 Goddess Bridal Soft Bondage Handcuffs

 Sparkly in sinful delight with these flirty handcuffs designed to give you all the pleasure without the fear of typical handcuffs.  These sparkly handcuffs feature soft and sparkly elastic loops that encircle both the wrists and ankles.   Perfect for a little foreplay that ignites intimate magic. Handcrafted sparkly tyes accent the sides to create a beautiful and innocent looking sensual lingerie accessory that can transform into a powerful bondage tool.  Explore the magic of soft bondage on your wedding night, honeymoon and whenever you want a little magic.

Princesa Sparkly Nipple Covers

Delight your sensual style with the feminine accents of the Princesa sparkly nipple covers!  These versatile and bridal-inspired nipple covers feature a rhinestone mesh trim and felt backing so that you can use them again and again.  These beautiful nipple covers come with adhesive tape so you can wear them comfortably whenever your heart desires.  

Eve Leg Garters

Define your femininity with sweet style in the Eve bridal-inspired leg garters!  These raw and couture bridal leg garters feature metallic leaves and a soft elastic band to give you a customizable fit.  Wear them under your wedding dress, lingerie set or nothing at all.  Inspire your femininity with these sensual bridal lingerie accessories.