Sensual Exploration with Nipple Clamps

How have you been embracing this #quarantinelife?  Has it been peaceful, stressful or somewhere in between?  Before we get back to this so-called new normal, you should take a few moments to yourself and embrace your sensuality.  Enjoy your body and everything that it does for you.  This is the perfect time to intimately spend more time with yourself and to expand your intimates wardrobe. Whether it's buying new lingerie or giving yourself a pampering salon-style treatment, a little can go a long ways when you want to celebrate your sensuality.  That is why the Niptyes Collection of feminine nipple clamps is a beautiful way to celebrate your femininity and sensuality.  These nipple clamps don't require a commitment like some.  Just secure them onto your nipples to get a soft sensation that will have you enjoying your sensual exploration.  Here are 3 nipple clamps that you should consider for your intimates wardrobe:

Nipple Clamps

Honey Niptyes • Simplicistically Seductive Nipple Clamps

Pour on the honey with these flirty and feminine nipple clamps designed to go with you wherever you want to go.  These handcrafted satin nipple clamps feature a flexible clamp that you can secure onto the nipple whenever the mood calls for it.  Enjoy a little sensual style by wearing this under your favorite loose shirt, lingerie set, or for your next striptease.

La Sophisticate Niptyes • Sensually Sophisticated Nipple Clamps

Discover your sensuality with this nipple clamp necklace that can be worn under a blazer, blouse or simply against your own naked skin.  This nipple clamp necklace features luxurious pearls contrasting against black, lead-free chain.  Make a style statement or surprise the one you love with these sophisticated nipple clamps.

Vice Niptyes • Feminine Chain Nipple Clamps  

What's your vice?  Not sure? Well you will discover it with these feminine nipple clamps from the Vice Collection! These handcrafted satin tye nipple clamps feature a beautiful draping chain that you can easily style with a low cut shirt, blazer or with whatever your heart desires.

love tara