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Article: Sensual Intimates for Valentine's Day

Sensual Intimates for Valentine's Day

It's that time of year again where cupid comes out, there are heart-shaped candies everywhere and suddenly your relationship status is at the forefront of your thoughts.  Valentine's Day is a day about love.  All kinds of love, really.  Self-love.  Romantic love.  Lust love. Pet love. Just love.  Light up this Valentine's Day with sensual intimates that will celebrate your femininity and open up new ways to explore your sensuality.  The Intimates Collection features a variety of classy and sensual accessories that you can use on yourself or someone you love.  Perfect for gifting, whether you are gifting yourself or someone you love, having the right sensual intimates for Valentine's Day can transform your experience and usher in a new way to celebrate all that you are.  Here are a few sensual intimates perfect to use this Valentine's Day:

Chantilly Lace Handcuffs

Chantilly Lace Handcuffs

Have you ever wanted to experience bondage but were too afraid?  If so, these lace handcuffs from the Chantilly Collection are the perfect handcuffs to explore BDSM and beyond.  This lacy black and pink handcuffs feature an intricate eyelet lace with a soft feminine pink satin ribbon to give your most intimate moments a beautiful way to explore new ways to experience pleasure and power.  Perfect as a Valentine's Day gift for your loved one or a surprise for your lover.

Marie Antoinette Nipple Clamps 

Give your intimate wardrobe something feminine and something new with these irresistibly sweet nipple clamps from the Marie Antoinette Collection!  These flirty nipple clamps feature handcrafted velvet tyes and a luxurious pearl teardrop so you can get the sweetest of sensations without the permanency of a piercing.  Simply squeeze these nipple clamps onto your nipples whenever you feel a little sensual.

Kinkette Collar & Leash 

It's time to play with this flirty collar and leash set that is perfect for foreplay.  This collar and leash set is designed for the beginner and has a soft elastic choker so you can easily get out if you ever feel uncomfortable.  The Kinkette collar and leash set is a sensual intimate that is inspired to create intimate moments that last forever and ever;)

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