Sensual Surprises: Feminine Nipple ClampsūüéÄ

Curiosity is sexy.  Trying new things and assembling new looks is an important part of our ever-evolving style.  Whether it's a new color or a new accessory, having the courage to exhibit curiosity with style is a beautiful thing that is rewarded in the knowledge that you gain.  Experimentation with accessorizing can completely transform your style.  But what about the accessories that you don't see.  Give yourself the gift of sweet sensuality with nipple clamps. Explore your sensuality with irresistible femininity with the Niptyes nipple clamps. Here are a few nipple clamps that will help you uncover your feminine sensuality:

Niptyes Nipple Clamps


Be the bombshell that you are with these ultra-feminine nipple clamps from the Bombshell Collection!  Designed to deliver the sweetest of sensations, the Bombshell nipple clamps feature a handcrafted satin tye and non-piercing nipple clamps that secure onto the nipples' diameter.  Wear these with your favorite lingerie set, high waisted panties or nothing at all.  Hello, bombshell!


Are you a kinkette?  Flirt with your sensuality with this undeniably sensual nipple clamp choker!  The Kinkette Niptyes nipple clamps feature a sparkly and kittenish choker with a beautiful lead-free chain that dangles playfully down the torso.  Wear these nipple clamps with a low cut shirt, lingerie set or perhaps with nothing at all.  Explore your sensuality like never before.

SECRETS NIPPLE CLAMPS's our secret.  The Secrets Niptyes nipple clamps are discrete and sexy little accessories that you can wear under a loose shirt, business suit blazer or jacket to get your next flash a sexy surprise.  These nipple clamps feature handcrafted organza tyes and non-piercing nipple clamps so you can wear them whenever your heart desires.  They are non-commital so you don't need to have piercing, just secure the flexible horseshoes around your nipples when you want to experience sweet sensations. These might be too flirty to keep a secret much longer;)