Shine On with Sparkly Nipple Covers✨

With the holidays approaching and a new year getting ready to begin, let sparkle light up your life and style.  Whether it's tinsel, the reflection of a disco ball or sparkly nipple covers, light up your world with sparkle.  Now, please keep in mind, sparkle does not have to be little girlish in any way.  I am not talking about the sparkle you see it glitter eyeshadow or some sort of juvenile toy.  I am talking about seductive sparkle.  The light that brightens your life and makes certain events even more memorable.  Whether it's an intimate moment of passion or a hazy memory of a fun night, tis the season for sparkle and shine.  Now is a wonderful time to consider the Pastyes Collection of sparkly nipple covers.  These handcrafted lingerie accessories are the perfect way to light up the end of the year like no other.  Whether you are heading to a holiday party or just lounging around your boudoir, enjoy a little intimate sparkle along the way.  Here are some sparkle nipple cover pasties that you should consider for this festive season:

Sparkly Nipple Covers | Invitation Pastyes 

You're invited to explore your sensual side with these feminine nipple covers designed to light up your most intimate moments.  These handcrafted sparkle nipple covers feature a handcrafted satin tye and soft felt backing so that you can wear them over and over again.  Enjoy striptease after striptease with this radiate duo of sparkly style.

Sparkle Nipple Covers | Vanity Black Heart Pasties

Wear your heart where it counts with this ultra-feminine, love-inspired sparkle nipple covers!  These handcrafted sparkly nipple covers feature a heart and satin tye with soft felt backing making them reusable.  Enjoy a little love and sparkle this season with these must-have sparkly nipple covers!  Wear them under a sheer shirt, with your favorite lingerie set or perhaps surprise the one you love with this sweet and intimate holiday gift idea!

love, tara