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Article: Simple Accessorizing with Bow Earrings

Bow Earring Studs

Simple Accessorizing with Bow Earrings

Accessorizing is like a game.  You get to choose the players and the role that they play.  Whether you want a necklace to be your one and only star actress or you prefer to have a combination of bracelet, hair accessories and earrings to all be star actresses or supporting leads. One thing that we can learn about accessorizing is that to play it simple is to play it elegant. No, that doesn't mean you get to choose only one accessory to steal the spotlight. You can choose a handful of your favorites but when choosing multiple accessories, you must have a strategy in mind.  Creating a strategy of placement so that they all can radiate in their own beauty without interfering another accessory that you are wearing. But, in an effort to keep things simple, accessorizing with bow earrings is a beautiful way to give your look an elegant, elevated and beautiful finish that we all admire.  Here are 3 bow earrings that you should start incorporating into your next game of accessorizing: 

Bow Earrings
The Honey Eartyes are a collection of different colored bow earrings that are beautiful because they are so simple.  A leverback earwire ensures that your earrings will stay on all day and all night.  Enjoy wearing these beauties wherever your life takes you.
Black Sparkly Bow Earrings
Delight your next look with a little sparkle in these demurely luxurious Adore Eartyes.  These handcrafted black bow earrings will uplift your look with elegance and style.  Wear them with jeans and a t-shirt or a sequined ballgown, these versatile and simple bow earrings will highlight your neck and cheekbones whenever your heart desires.
Pink Pearl Bow Earrings
Discover the beauty of accessorizing with the Marie Antoinette pearl bow earrings inspired by the Queen of France, herself.  These velvet bow earrings feature creamy glass pearls that dangle with your every move.  Delight your favorite looks with luxury and elegance in these must-have bow earrings.
You see how beautiful and easy accessorizing is?  Allow the Eartyes Collection of bow earrings transform your accessorizing game with ease, elegance and elation. 
love, tara

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