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Article: Simple Style 🖤 Black Chokers

Black Choker

Simple Style 🖤 Black Chokers

Black chokers go way back.  Like way, way back.  To the time of the 19th century when ballerinas wore black ribbons around there neck.  This historical and classic accessory is a staple item to have in your jewelry box.  No matter if you are going to a formal event or just simply lounging in your boudoir - having a black choker is a beautiful and effortless way to accessorize your look.  The Bowtye Collection of feminine black chokers and necklaces features a variety of styles that you can enjoy from dusk to dawn.  Accessorizing can be fun and easy when you have the essentials.  And a black choker is definitely essential. When you have no time to get your accessory strategy down, turning to something as simple and as beautiful as a black choker can help you create a style you want to wear again and again.  Here are 3 black chokers that you can enjoy no matter where this world takes you:

Black Choker

Black Choker • Lady Bowtye

Light any look with femininity and flirtation with this black choker designed to go with you wherever you go! This black choker features a soft elastic band that encircles the neck for a comfortable fit day in and day out.  Perfect with your favorite little black dress, lingerie set or nothing at all.  Discover ladylike accessorizing with this must-have black choker!

Black Choker • Femme Fatale Bowtye 

Discover sophisticated beauty in this simple and beautiful black bow choker designed to light up any look with femininity and sophistication.  This handcrafted black choker features a handcrafted satin tye and a soft elastic choker that encircles the neck with sophistication and style.

Black Choker • Hickey Bowtye

Make your mark effortlessly with this simple and beautiful black choker designed to elicit your confidence, independence and style.  This handcrafted choker features a small satin tye to resemble a hickey.  Discover accessorizing like never before with this flirty and feminine black choker!

love, tara

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