Sparkly Handcuffs for the Weekend

Party season is upon us. Whether you're going to cocktail parties with your coworkers or heading to a bash with your friends, having a fun afterparty accessory to look forward to is always a great idea. The Tyecuffs Collection of sparkly and feminine handcuffs are designed to light up your most intimate moments with the playfulness and passion. IF you want to give them as a gift to the one you love or keep them as a sensual surprise of yourself, ahead are three sparkly and feminine handcuffs you should consider as we enter sparkly party season. 

The Vixen Sparkly Handcuffs

Light up your most intimate moments with beauty and femininity with these sparkly handcuffs from the Vixen Collection. These sparkly handcuffs feature long satin tyes and a radiant rhinestone mesh that'll make play time fun and sparkly. Wear them around your ankles or wrists for a flirtatious experience you'll want to explore again and again.

The Daisy Flower Handcuffs

Delight your next encounter with femininity and fun with the Daisy Tyecuffs flower restraints from the Daisy Collection. The Daisy flower handcuffs feature a sliding loop design so you can easily slip them on your wrists or ankles for quick employment. Put them around a bedpost or pole for some fun experimentation. Discover your power with these daisy flower handcuffs. '

The Fringe with Benefits Handcuffs

Experience the magic of surrender with these playful handcuffs from the Fringe with Benefits Collection. These feminine fringe handcuffs feature a sliding loop design and flirty fringe that celebrates every move you make. Soft satin tyes accent each cuffs making it a flirty experience you'll want to enjoy again and again.