#StayInside with the Bridal Collection

Sometimes a little imagination can go a long way.  You can pretend you're on the beach while you're in the bath, going shopping in your closet or even taking a plane ride by your washing machine, no matter how this quarantine life has got you doing, allow your imagination to break you out of the boredom.  One thing you can do is pretend to get married or get married all over again with the help of the Bridal Collection.   This collection of intimate giftsets is designed around roles, events, and emotions allowing you to fully experience the bridal life.  Whether you want to be walking down the aisle as a flower girl or making intimate moments spark with the Honeymoon Giftset, there is something for everyone with this collection inspired by all things marriage, love and magic✨ Here are 3 bridal gift sets that will help you break out of the boredom of #quarantinelife and into your beautiful imagination:

Bridal Gifts and Intimates

Honeymoon Intimates Bridal Gift Set 

Flirt with femininity and love with this ultra-sensual gift set designed to help you create sweet intimate experiences.  Whether you want to have a little play time pretending you are on your honeymoon or actually seriously on your honeymoon, enjoy a little sensual sparkle with this leg garters and matching nipple clamps gift set! It will make you want to say I do all over again x

Untamed Hearts Bridal Gift Set 

Let your heart roam wild with this irresistibly feminine gift set designed to light up your most intimate moments.  Inspired by the beauty and wild nature of love, this gift set features sparkly nipple covers and a matching choker that you can wear during those magic intimate moments.  Make memories that will last forever with this unique and feminine gift set!

FlowerGirl Bridal Gift Set

Walk down the aisle in style or just pretend to be with this FlowerGirl-inspired gift set!  Matching nipple covers and an elastic bracelet will take you anywhere you want to go.  Perfect for a sweet surprise for the one you love or make your flowergirls' day with this feminine and intimate bridal gift set.

love, tara