Step in Style: Anklets For Every Season

Make each step count with the beautifully feminine accent of the Ankletye Anklet Collection! Designed to make your journey even sweeter, the ankletye anklet collection consists of varied feminine accessories designed to make accessorizing flirty and fun! But you may only limit anklets to spring or summer, but with the Ankletye anklet collection, you have the option of wearing them year around! How so? They are so adjustable you are able to wear them over your winter boots as well! Here are a few ankletye anklets that will make a beautiful addition to your jewelry wardrobe:


You’re invited to step into sweet style with this ultra-feminine bow anklet from the Invitation Collection! This anklet features super soft elastic straps that encircle the ankle with comfort and versatility. Wear them with your favorite pair of heels or over your favorite winter boots, allow this ultra-feminine anklet be a surprisingly sweet element to your style.


Make each step evoke sweet flirtation in these flirty anklets designed to transform your look with sweetness and flair. Playful fringe delightfully dangles around the ankles for a feminine statement. These bow fringe anklets are perfect to wear with your favorite high heels or booties to create a look that is uniquely feminine. The Fringe with Benefit Anklets features luxurious fringe and a handcrafted satin tye in the middle to give your look a touch that is so beautiful and feminine you can wear it year-round!


Sparkle the way you were meant to with this ultra-feminine bow anklet that is designed to make your journey a little more sparkly. The Adore Anklet features a soft elastic band that encircles the ankle while a handcrafted tye accents the front with a radiate prism. This anklet is so versatile you can wear it with your favorite high heels or over your favorite winter boots! You deserve to be adored now, don’t you?