Street Style 🎀 Shoe Bows

Walking down the streets of Tokyo, you might see a lot of styling ideas you might never have thought of before.  Whether it’s chunky heels, a thick belt or even just a hair accessory that catches your eye.  Seeing style on the streets can feed your creativity to give you a wealth of options that you might never have had before.  My favorite accessory is a shoe bows.  They are powerfully transformative yet so easy to implement that seriously everyone should have some.  Not only to expand your shoe options but to offer your wardrobe something straight from the streets.  The Heeltyes Collection of feminine shoe bows are designed to make any pair of shoes a little more feminine.  Add them to a pair of boots, a pair of heels or just your favorite kicks, these shoe bows will go with you wherever you go!  Enjoy effortless accessorizing again and again with this collection that can expand your accessorizing options.  Here are 3 shoe bows designed to light up each step you take:

Shoe Bows

Highness Shoe Bows | Feminine Shoe Accessories

The Highness shoe bows are a beautiful way to transform your kicks instantly. Simply place them around your favorite pair of heels, ankles or calves for a unique accessorizing experience that you can do again and again.  These are the perfect way to spruce up old high heels instantly. 

Kinkette Shoe Bows | Sparkly Shoe Accessories 

Make each step you take sparkle with the Kinkette sparkly shoe bows designed to highlight your feet and ankles.  These handcrafted elastic shoe bows fit perfectly over your favorite kicks, ankles or even get wild and wear them around your calves for an extra touch of flirtation.

Hickey Shoe Bows | Petite Shoe Accessories

Delight each step with these ultra-feminine shoe bows.  The Hickey shoe bows feature a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic bands that encircle the heels, ankles or calves for a feminine statement that you can enjoy again and again.

love, tara