Style & Comfort with Feminine Headbands

Summer is almost here.  And temperatures are starting to rise. It's time to have a look at your wardrobe.  You might want to think about getting rid of that old sweater and getting a new swimsuit.  Or you might want to find different ways to style your hair to help keep it off your neck.  The Tyeras Collection of feminine hair accessories and headbands are designed to help you style your hair for these hot summer days.  Whether you are heading into the gym, going to a meeting or having some drinks with that new guy, keeping your hair styled and beautiful is a great way to maintain your look and focus.  This collection of handcrafted hair accessories feature a wide array of different looks and styles so that you can find comfort and style no matter what kind of look you are going for.  Here are 3 feminine headbands you should consider when you are looking for a beautiful way to style your hair:

Feminine Headbands

Feminine Hair Accessories • Chantilly Lace Headband 

Define your hairstyle with elegance and femininity in the Chantilly lace headband.  This lace headband is inspired by the south of France and designed to give your look a beautiful finish no matter where you go.  The lacy headband features intricate lace and soft satin ribbon interwoven and a soft elastic fit that you can enjoy styling with whatever look your heart desires!

 Bow Headband • Foxy Tyera

It might be time for your workout, to get in the shower or to even just go to bed.  Whatever you are about to do, take the Foxy Tyera bow headband with you.  This beautifully versatile bow headband features a sexy picot-trimmed elastic and soft satin tye that creates a beautiful finish no matter where you go.

 Pearl Hair Bow Chain • La Sophisticate Tyera

Delight your style with sophistication and femininity with this simple and elegant hair bow chain!  Designed to light up your look with femininity and elegance, this simple hair chain is perfect to wear from a ponytail to an updo.  Discover styling your hair in new ways with this elegantly versatile pearl hair bow chain!


love, tara