Suggestively Sweet • Lingerie Harnesses & Body Chains

To suggest.  To imply.  To guide towards.  Sometimes style needs that little bit of extra to give your look something that is completely original and fresh. Discover flirtation in style with the simple addition of a lingerie harness or a body chain!  The Bodtyes Collection of beautifully handmade lingerie harnesses and body chains is designed to light up your look without much investment nor effort.  These simple yet bold lingerie accessories are versatile so that you can wear them out to play, in your boudoir or even just to work.  The aim of this collection is to celebrate your femininity with suggested sensuality and style.  Transform your look instantly with these simple and luxurious accessories.  Here are a few lingerie harnesses and body chains to consider for your next accessorizing opportunity.

Lingerie Harnesses and Body Chains

Foxy Lingerie Harness • Sensual Lingerie Accessories 

Discover the fox in you with this handcrafted lingerie harness designed to light up any look with femininity, edge and originality.  This handcrafted lingerie harness features a beautiful picot-trimmed elastic and soft satin tye that lights up the torso and frames your assets.  Transform a simple white shirt, a little black dress or wear this sensual lingerie accessory with nothing at all.

French Kiss Lingerie Harness • Feminine Lingerie Accessories 

Kiss your torso with femininity and elegance with this handcrafted lingerie harness designed to highlight your any look.  Wear this sensual lingerie harness with your favorite white business shirt, blouse or lingerie set.  This sensual accessory features a luxurious glass pearl strand that cascades down the center to create suggestive sweetness.

Hypnotic Pearl Body Chain • Sensually Feminine Sensual Accessories 

The latest addition to the Bodtye Collection, the Hypnotic Bodtye, features a petite pearl strand that highlights the neck and torso with femininity and style.  This luxuriously feminine body chain can easily be coupled with your favorite black dress, lingerie set or perhaps nothing at all.

love, tara