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Article: Sunday Style with Boudoir Jewelry

Boudoir Jewelry

Sunday Style with Boudoir Jewelry

This #QuarantineLife has brought given us the opportunity to create a new reality.  As the world goes through this together, now is a perfect time to stay at home and go through your closet.  Discovering old pieces and reinventing them as well as applying newer items in fresh new ways.  Creating the space and the time to discover your wardrobe again allows you to yield maximum results.  Pairing your again-discovered wardrobe with something intimate and wild like boudoir jewelry is a wonderful way to make your mark.  What exactly is boudoir jewelry?  And why should I have some?  Boudoir jewelry encompasses the beauty of traditional jewelry but adds a hint of sensuality.  Like a sensual strand of long pearls that is both classic and feminine to sparkly nipple covers that you can see through a sheer shirt.  Creating boudoir looks becomes even easier with boudoir jewelry.  Here are 3 pieces of boudoir jewelry that you can enjoy when you are feeling yourself:

Boudoir Jewelry

Boudoir Jewelry • Mademoiselle Pearl Bow Choker 

Every wardrobe should have a pearl necklace.  Not only does this classic staple go with everything in your closet, it also emits a soft feminine radiance that complements every woman.  Enjoy style and femininity all at once with the Mademoiselle pearl bow choker.  This bow choker features large creamy pearls and a long black satin tye so that you can wear it however your heart desires.

Boudoir Jewelry • Enchantress Black Bow Belt 

Be the gift that you are with this luxuriously feminine black bow belt.  Inspired by the enchantress in you, this black bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and soft adjustable bow belt that you can wear with whatever your heart desires.  Light up jeans or a pencil skirt or even more when you apply this versatile piece to whatever look your heart desires.

Boudoir Jewelry • Daisy Flower Handcuffs

Discover sensuality in softness with these handcrafted daisy handcuffs!  Soft chiffon daisies encircle the wrists while a strong and sensual satin ribbon entangles the wrists or ankles with seduction imagination.  Enjoy your most intimate moments with flirtation and femininity.

love, tara

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