Sweet Dreams with Bridal Leg Garters

When it comes to walking down the aisle, you have a lot to think about. The dress. The venue. The guests. And that special leg garter that you throw at the end of the night to pass on this beautiful tradition. Bridal leg garters are a symbol of passing the torch from one bride to the next. It's like a token of sisterhood. A token of love. A token of time that you will never forget. That is why deciding which leg garter you want to pass the torch with is an important decision. Read on to discover three bridal leg garters that you can enjoy walking down the aisle and into sweet dreams of matrimony.

Doll Bridal Leg Garters

Because when you have fun life becomes a little more sweeter. And that is why the Doll Bridal Leg Garters make a beautiful accessory that you can enjoy wearing down the aisle and into your forever. Wispy satin tyes dangle while a soft elastic adjustable leg garters make this super comfortable to wear all day and all night.

Princesa Bridal Leg Garters

Sparkle and shine down the aisle the way you were meant to with these irresistibly feminine leg garters designed to go with you wherever you want to go. The sparkly rhinestone mesh detail adorned with a satin tye gives a beautiful bridal vibe that you can take with you on your honeymoon and beyond. Enjoy the power of accessorizing with this sparkly bridal leg garter. 

Secrets Bridal Leg Garters

The secret to making your day even sweeter are these handcrafted satin tye bow leg garters inspired by the beautiful and intrigue of whispers. Toss one and keep the other for your wedding night, honeymoon, anniversary or beyond. Enjoy this flirtatious touch with your favorite bridal lingerie as well. Isn't that what sweet dreams are made of?