Sweet Escapes: 4 Relaxation Techniques

Looking for a way to unwind?  Finding the time to relax and reflect is an important part of any daily routine.  Whether you had a hectic day traveling or had a hard day at work, allowing yourself to make the time to regroup and recenter is not only good for your mental health but can have a positive physical impact too.  Here are a few ways to relax and rewind:


Find time in your day to be still.  Pressing pause on your day will allow you to feel your breath and clear your mind.  You might gain a new perspective or feel less tense after moments of stillness.  Give yourself permission to do this exercise often throughout the day.  Enjoying the moment can help you enjoy life more and see things that might have passed you by.


Having a breathing exercising is another great way to become centered again.  Whenever we encounter adversary or have to handle something uncomfortable, we tend to shorten out breaths.  Reconnecting with your breath throughout the day is a great way to stay cool, calm and collected. 


Stop looking at Instagram, checking your email or stalking that former flame, turn your phone on airplane mode or shut it off completely for a few moments every day and go enjoy something that does not include technology.  Going for a walk, reading a book or doing some yoga postures is a great way to decrease your stress levels and do things without the digital distraction.


Baths are a great way to relax and escape.  Taking a bath every night can help you sleep better and also helps your skin retain moisture.  Listen to music, light some candles and enjoy this time by yourself.  Taking a warm bath also promotes a deeper night sleep.

Celebrate yourself with these simple accessorizes: