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Article: Sweet Style: Feminine Jewelry

Sweet Style: Feminine Jewelry

Defining your look can come down the accessories.  Wearing a dress might not feel as amazing than when you are wearing feminine jewelry like a bow necklace, a bow ring or a bow cocktail bracelet.  Having special accents strategically placed throughout your look is a beautiful way to transform a basic look into a look that is feminine and sophisticated.  That is why selecting the right accessories for your look is an important part of your original style.  Anyone can wear the same dress, it is about how you style it.  And wearing feminine jewelry and accessories can help you do that.  Whether you are heading out on a date or going into a meeting at work, having beautiful feminine jewelry and accessories is a great way elevate your look without having to invest a fortune.  Here are a few feminine jewelry and accessories that will transform your look anyway you like:


Delight your decollete with the sweetest of accents in this simple yet feminine bow necklace from the Vice Collection!  This bow necklace features a soft satin tye and lead-free chain that encircle the neck for a flawlessly feminine finish.  Wear this necklace with you wherever you go and with whatever you wear for a look that is undeniably feminine and beautifully original.


Sweeten your style with femininity in this beautifully handcrafted bow bracelet from the Duchess Collection!  This bow bracelet features a playful tulle tye and soft elastic band that encircles the wrist for a flawlessly feminine statement.  Wear this bracelet wherever your heart desires, it is so versatile you might not want to take it off!  Be the duchess that you are!


 Flirtation is at your fingertips with this ultra-feminine bow ring from the Bombshell Collection!  This versatile and bold bow ring is the perfect accent to your evening look!  Wear this pretty bow ring to your next cocktail party or first date to make an original and feminine statement.  This bow ring features an adjustable ring band so you can wear it on any finger you desire!

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