Sweet Surprises with Nipple Covers

With summer almost here, the temperatures are going up and the days are so much longer.  Whether you are enjoying a walk, sunbathing or simply lounging around your boudoir, there are things that we can enjoy secretly or expressively.  And those things are nipple covers.  The boudoir-inspired accessories designed to celebrate your curves even when you are just enjoying the sun.  The Pastyes Collection of feminine nipple covers feature a variety of different styles, from sparkly to satin, these intimate lingerie accessories are a beautiful way to accessorize.  Enjoy intimate moments with the one you love or celebrate all by yourself, these intimate lingerie accessories can be worn inside and outside the bedroom.  Ahead are 3 nipple covers designed to light up your look with intimacy and style:

Invitation Bow Nipple Covers

Sparkly & Seductive • Invitation Bow Nipple Covers 

You're invited to enjoy your sensuality with these sparkly and seductive nipple covers from the Invitation Collection!  Inspired by seduction and possibilities, these handcrafted nipple covers feature an intricate design and flirty satin tye that you can wear any way you like!  These reusable nipple covers are a beautiful way to celebrate your femininity again and again!

 Feminine & Floral • Daisy Nipple Covers

Discover your sensuality again and again with these handcrafted chiffon nipple covers inspired by beauty and femininity.  These luxurious bow nipple covers feature a beautiful chiffon daisy and handcrafted organza tye that you can wear whenever your heart desires.  Perfect as a sweet surprise for the love you love or as a sensual statement you can use in your next striptease.

 Lovely & Lavish • Love Pastyes

Show the love or just wear it with these love-inspired nipple covers perfect for your birthday, anniversary or anytime you need a little love.  These handcrafted sparkly nipple covers feature a pink heart and petite satin tye that makes everything a little more lovely and lavish.  Perfect for when you want to feel the love.


love, tara