Take Me Away

Sometimes you just need to get away.  Away from the daily routine.  The job. The grind.  The familiar and break into something new.  Not only will this give you a fresh perspective on your life, it will also help refresh and recharge your mindset.  You have to do this with your closet too, and spring cleaning is the perfect time to access, evaluate and redefine how you want to look.  Whether you are adding a sensual belt to a look, a cute choker or maybe even leg garters, these impactful accessories will take your look in an entire new direction.  Ahead are 3 fashion accessories that you should consider for your next break away from the usual, even if it's simply rotating and purging your closet.

Bougie Anklet

Discover the power of beauty in this elegant yet demure anklet designed to add a hint of femininity wherever you go.  This handcrafted lace anklet features a flirty tye and soft elastic lace that is so comfy you can wear it from dusk 'til dawn.  Pair this beauty with your favorite kicks or even play it low key with some sandals.  The options are all yours with this effortlessly feminine bow anklet.

 Femme Fatale Bow Earrings

Delight your look with sophistication and femininity in these seductively simple bow earrings from the Femme Fatale Collection.  Soft satin tyes perfect any updo or hairstyle that you wish to accessorize.  Wear these satin bow earrings on a first date and beyond.  Discover the transformative power of accessorizing with these feminine bow earrings.

Foxy Bratye

Seduction is in the details with this picot-trimmed cage bra designed to celebrate your curves with femininity and flirtation.  This handcrafted cage bra features a soft satin tye in the middle with a soft adjustable waist that you can accessorize over a shirt, under a shirt or perhaps with nothing at all.  Let your imagination take you away.

love, tara