Taking Intimate Lingerie Accessories to the Streets🐾

I'm pretty sure you might have seen this recently.  Maybe on Instagram.  Maybe IRL.  It's a trend that has been popping for a while now and something to definitely consider to do if you want to explore accessorizing, well a bit more intimately.  Layering your clothes is always a beautiful idea, but using intimate lingerie accessories to do it is even hotter🔥 When I say intimate lingerie accessories I mean, lingerie harnesses, leg garters, nipple accessories like nipple covers, and so on to give your look a hint of feminine sensuality.  There are several ways you can explore this trend so it is uniquely you.  For instance, taking nipple covers and wearing a sheer shirt over them.  Wearing a short skirt and showing off sensual leg garters underneath just enough to see.  Taking a body contouring lingerie harness over a white collared shirt to give your curves more definition.  However, you decide to explore this trend, giving lingerie accessories the versatility they need is a big way to stay on trend.  Here are a few lingerie accessories you need for wherever this world takes you:
Sensual Accessories to the Streets

Feminine Sensual Lingerie Accessories | Honey Leg Garters

Flirt with femininity in these irresistibly feminine leg garters designed to bring out the beauty in the boudoir to the streets.   These feminine leg garters feature soft pink satin tyes that you can have peep over the top of short shorts or wear them with a skirt and show off them legs!  However, you decide to flaunt these lingerie accessories, celebrate your femininity all day and all night long!

Feminine Sensual Lingerie Accessories | Invitation Nipple Covers 

Light up your look with these lingerie accessories designed to celebrate your curves.  The Invitation Pastyes nipple covers feature an intricate sparkly design and a soft felt backing so that you can wear them again and again.  Perfect to wear under a sheer shirt or a blazer, allow these flirty lingerie accessories spark your imagination to try new ways of accessorizing.

Feminine Sensual Lingerie Accessories | Highness Bodtye

Define your style and give your torso a little definition with this ultra-feminine, simple and sophisticated lingerie harness!  This lingerie harness features a soft satin tye and elastic straps that grace the shoulders and waistline for a flawlessly feminine finish.  Wear this with your favorite white collared shirt, little black dress or with whatever your heart desires.