Taking Lingerie Accessories to the Street

Making the most out of your wardrobe means some style experimenting and creative thinking.  Curating versatile pieces that can be worn out on a date, to work and even to the beach is a great way to amplify your closet without a lot of investment.  You may want to wear something that is meant for sleeping in, to work under a blazer or to the beach.  Having the creativity and the fun to try different lingerie accessories and wearing them to new places is a great way to make a statement without much effort.  Lingerie accessories have become steadily popular over the last few years and have made their way from the bedroom to the streets. Here are a few lingerie accessories that are versatile and can be worn wherever your heart desires:
The Honey Bra Chain bratye is a simple yet bold lingerie accessory body chain that makes accessorizing sensual and sweet.  This beautiful lingerie accessory can be worn under tube tops, loose tank tops or when you are feeling yourself, nothing at all.  This bra chain features handcrafted satin tyes and lead-free chain that define the torso with a feminine definition.  Perfect to wear on a first date, out on the town or with nothing when you are simply lounging around at home.  

Celebrate your curves with the sweetest of luxury in these pearl leg garters from the Centerfold Collection!  Featuring a creamy pearl link strand and flirtatiously feminine satin tyes, the Centerfold pearl leg garters are the perfect lingerie accessory to take from the boudoir to the boulevard.  Wear these must-have pearl leg garters over leggings, under a short skirt or under a long sheer skirt.  Amplify your sensuality with the luxurious accents of these pearl leg garters!
Seduce without a word in the Kinkette Nipple Clamps!  These ultra-sensual lingerie accessories are a beautiful way to add a sensual definition to your look.  These nipple clamps feature a soft elastic sparkly choker with a flirty tye to give your look a kittenish finish.  Dramatic yet dainty lead-free chain dangle across the front of the torso and connect to flexible nipple clamps.  This is the perfect lingerie accessory to wear under a deep V shirt to pique your onlooker's curiosity. See what a little experimentation can do?  Explore your lingerie accessories and take them into new places to make the most out of your wardrobe.