The Beauty of the Bow Belt ūüéÄ

Bringing different pieces from different designers together to create a cohesive look can be a sometimes difficult task.  The shade of the color, the nap of the fabric and all things that go into styling can vary.  Our closets are full of different pieces that you've collected throughout the years, in different places and at different times.  So the questions stands everyday when you get ready to create your outfit for the day, how will I put these together?  It's like putting together pieces of a puzzle.  Everyone's closet is so unique and so full of possibility that creating a look that is all yours should be super easy. One easy way to creating a cohesive look is by adding a bow belt.  Bow belts are a hint of femininity to any style you desire.  Enjoy putting different looks together without having to worry too much about what accessories you should pair with them.  Enjoy styling as you should with the Beltye Collection.  This collection is inspired by all things feminine and stylish.  Enjoy femininity and style with these flirty bow belts. Here are a few bow belts you should consider for your next styling session:

 Heartbreaker Bow Belt

Feminine Bow Belt | Heartbreaker Beltye

Light up any look with sensuality and femininity in this feminine bow belt designed to add a little edge to your look.  The Heartbreaker bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free chain that dangles around your curves for a little something extra.  Enjoy this bow belt by wearing it around your pencil skirt, swimsuit or whatever your heart desires.

Feminine Bow Belt | Doll Bow Belt

ÔĽŅSometimes a little extra goes a long ways.¬† Enjoy style and flirtation with the Doll Bow Belt.¬† This bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and adjustable waist so that you can wear it to the front, back or side.¬† Wear this flirty little thing with your favorite jeans, skirt or perhaps without a thing at all.¬† There is no stopping style with this must have bow belt!

 Feminine Bow Belt | Enchantress Bow Belt

It's the little things that make the biggest impact.  Enjoy the intersection of style and flirtation with this feminine and flirty bow belt!  This bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and adjustable waist so that you can wear it to the front, back or side.  Enjoy accessorizing like never before with this feminine bow belt!


love, tara