Summer is a great time to wear those cropped shirts, bodycon dresses and beautiful lacy bralettes, so now if the perfect time to find some body chains to accessorize with them!  Body chains are decorative chains that you can drape around your torso, your back or just your waist.  Whatever style of body chain to decide to wear, it's always a good idea to have a few on hand that why you can mix them up with different looks and styles.   Whether you are hitting the beach, the pool or the Strand, body chains are the perfect accessory to have in your arsenal of looks.  Here are a few body chains that I love to wear in the summer:


Flirt with your torso in this irresistibly feminine body chain designed to add a hint of sensuality to your look.  Dramatic yet dainty black lead-free chain creates a deep V down the torso while a handcrafted organza tye accents to add a touch of femininity.  Feminine satin tyes secure around the waist so that you can customize it to the size you like while giving your look a feminine touch.  Wear this body chain with your favorite summer outfit, bikini or lingerie set.  You will not get bored with this sexy little body chain.


There's nothing sexier than highlighting the shoulders, the decollete and the back.  And this body chain does it all!  Inspired by the flirtation of beautiful draping of summer dresses, the Enchantress body chain is a beautiful body chain that you can add to a variety of looks and styles.  Wear it with a business suit, a dress or even to a sexy lingerie set, this versatile body chain highlights the shoulders with femininity and grace. 


Frame your torso in sweet delight with the Vanity Body Chain.  This must-have body chain highlights your shoulders and your decollete with femininity.  A dainty chain caresses the chest area to almost mimicking a bra while handcrafted satin tyes sit flirtatiously beneath the shoulders to give your look a feminine finish.  Wear this must have body chain to work, to play or in the bedroom.