The Bra Chain: The Feminine Lingerie Accessory

Jewelry body chains are a beautiful way to accessorize your dress, shirt or any outfit that needs a touch of femininity.  These sexy little things are a great fashion accessory to frame your torso when you don't want to wear a belt.  With lingerie trends having a moment right now, adding a bra chain to your jewelry arsenal is a wise investment.  You can wear them underneath as well, when you want to add a sweet surprise for that special someone.  Here are a few of our bra chains:


You tease.  The first bra chain that I developed was inspired by luxury and femininity and designed to be comfortable to wear against bare skin.  Creamy glass pearls frame the chest with a necklace-type wear and a back tye closure you that you can make it adjustable to your body.  I love wearing this undershirts as a sexy accessory that can be seen but still leaves that extra curiosity to any admirer.  This bra chain is available in black and pink.


Playful and feminine.  The Drama Queen Bratye is a dramatically sensual body bra jewelry chain that is developed with seduction in mind.  A handcrafted satin tye is the focal point of this bra chain with lead-free chain caressing the neck and while a satin tye secures at the waistline.  Wear this sexy accessory with a cocktail dress, under a business shirt or your favorite lingerie set.  This lusty bra chain is a perfect gift too!