The Enchantress: A Feminine Collection of Jewelry & Fashion Accessories

Accessorizing can be like a game of chess. When you add an accessory it can transform your look. Maintaining a creative and stylish balance with your accessorizing is achievable with edited selection and creative application. Deciding what to wear everyday can sometimes feel like a test. But it doesn’t have to be. Having an arsenal of feminine jewelry and fashion accessories ready to go is the key to success. So even when you do not have time to feature out what to wear, you at least have something to accessorize with. The Enchantress Collection of feminine jewelry and fashion accessories is a beautiful way to add some uniqueness to your look. Here is a closer look at the collection: 

Enchantress Leg Garters

Enchantress Bow Belt

Enchant your look with the simple addition of the Enchantress Bow Belt.   This versatile bow belt can be added to a pencil skirt, pants or your favorite lingerie set. This versatile bow belt features a soft elastic and beautifully handcrafted satin tye. Wear this feminine accessory to the front, back or side. Accessorizing has never been easier. 

Enchantress Hair Bow Comb

Having a bad hair day? No worries! There are so many ways you can style a bad hair day. Whether you want to wear it up in a messy pony tail to add a little rough, sexy texture to your look or wear it in a bun, styling your hair up and back is a great way to transform any hair day.   Insert the Enchantress Hair Bow Comb into your hair style for a hint of a little extra sweetness.

Enchantress Leg Garters

Embrace your sensuality with the soft and feminine touch of the Enchantress Leg Garters. These petite yet impactful bow leg garters are perfect to wear under a short skirt, over leggings or with nothing at all. These beautifully versatile and undeniably feminine leg garters make a beautiful way to accessorize with a dash of the unexpected.

Enchantress Satin Handcuffs

Entangle your desires with the sweetest of surrender in the Enchantress satin cuffs! These handcrafted handcuffs are a perfect way to surprise a loved one. Experimenting with soft bondage has never been more flirty and effortless, there is no key required. Just your imagination.