The Pinup Collection ūüéÄ Feminine Jewelry & Sensual Intimates

Find your inner Pinup.  It's that sexy side of you that you only let out every once in a while. Embrace your femininity and explore your sensual side with the Pinup Collection!  This retro-inspired collection embraces your sensuality with sweet delight.  Whether you are heading out for a night on the town or chilling at home or even heading into work, have fun with your style.  This collection of feminine jewelry features playful pindots and simple designs so that you can experiment with different styles until your heart is content.  Here is a look at each item in the collection:

Pinup Collection of Feminine Jewelry and Intimate Sensuals

Pinup Nipple Clamps

Seduction meets flirtation in these ultra-feminine nipple clamps from the Pinup Collection!  Playfully seductive and ultra-feminine, these beautifully handcrafted nipple clamps feature a handcrafted satin tye and flexible nipple clamps so you can experience the sensations of nipple play without the permanency or pain!  Enjoy your sensuality in the Pinup Nipple Clamps!

 Pinup Anklet

Make each step sweeter with the feminine touch of the Pinup Anklet.  This handcrafted anklet features a handcrafted satin tye and playfully pin-dotted pattern.  Wear this flirty bow anklet with your favorite pair of heels or sandals to create a beautifully feminine finish.

Pinup Bow Bracelet

 Make everything you touch a little sweeter with this ultra-feminine bracelet designed to make your style feminine and retro.  Playfully sensual and beautifully versatile, this bow bracelet is perfect to wear on the daily or when you heart desires something a little playful.

Pinup Bow Ring

Flirt with your style with this versatile and effortlessly stylish bow ring!  Simple and feminine, this bow ring is the perfect way to accessorize your day or evening look.  This bow ring features a handcrafted satin tye and adjustable ring band so that you can wear it on any finger you deserve.  Hello, pinup:)