Tye Me Down 🎀 Intimate Accessories

Sometimes they happen organically.  Sometimes they need a little push.  Intimate moments can be initiated by lust, thoughts, and dreams.  They can also be sparked by a look, a scent or something magical that spoken words can not describe.  When you encounter intimate moments with the one you love, make them last longer with intimate accessories designed to make your most intimate moments even sweeter.  The Intimates Collection is inspired by moments of passion, sparks of love that become irresistible.  That is why the Intimates Collection is designed to make your most intimate moments more memorable.  These accessories include leg garters, handcuffs, nipple accessories and lingerie accessories to help you feel confident, empowered and beautiful when your intimate moments surface.  Here are a few intimate accessories that you need for your next intimate encounter:

Intimate Accessories

Intimate Lingerie Accessories || Lionesse Nipple Clamps 

Let your inner lion come out and play with these flirty and feminine nipple clamps designed to make your most intimate moments even sweeter.  The Lionesse Nipple Clamps are the perfect way to experience pain and pleasure all at the same time!  These beginner-friendly nipple clamps are fun to put on and take off as you please.  Enjoy your most intimate moments with a little nipple play courtesy of the Lionesse nipple clamps!

Intimate Lingerie Accessories || FaireFox Lingerie Harness

Be the foxy fox that you are with this flirtatious and feminine lingerie harness designed to bring out the fox in you!  This sexy picot-trimmed lingerie harness caresses your curves and has an adjustable belt so you can easily customize the size. Wear this sensual lingerie harness over lingerie or with nothing but your bare skin.  Enjoy sensual style in this flirty lingerie harness!

Intimate Lingerie Accessories || Mademoiselle Pearl Handcuffs

Delight your most intimate moments with sensual luxury in these feminine and versatile pearl handcuffs!  Wear them around your wrists or your ankles to create intimate moments that will last forever.  Capture luxury and sensuality together in this must-have intimate accessory!