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Article: Tying It Together: The Transformative Power of Belts

Tying It Together: The Transformative Power of Belts

Enchant your look with the addition of a simple accessory: The Belt.  Not only do belts serve a functional purpose, to keep things from slipping, but also an aesthetic one, to make a style statement.  Accessorizing with belts is a powerful style exercise, that when used thoughtfully, can truly tye an entire outfit into a cohesive masterpiece. Here are a few tips to style your belt:


The empire silhouette, which is situated just below the bust line, is a historically feminine outline in 18th Century dresses.  When placing a belt here, you not only emphasize the bust, you also take away the attention to the lower part of the hips.  This is particularly flattering for pear-shaped figures.  The Beltye Collection is designed to accommodate this waistline with the adjustable feature.


Hips don't lie.  Accentuate them by wearing a belt with low-rise pants is not only a sexy way accessorize but also great for keeping them in place.  Wearing a belt with jeans, suit pants or even shorts is a wonderful way to break up a boring outfit.  Also, using belt chains is another great option for creating accessorizing magic.


Some belts are designed to be ultra-versatile and you can even wear them to the back. This creates an unexpected element to your look.  While some designers incorporate some back details to their designs, having accessories that you can incorporate into any look is perfect for cultivating your own creativity and style.

Here are a few belts that I love:


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