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Article: Tying The Knot

Tying The Knot

Marriage is a multi-faceted relationship.  One with the of best times and the most trying of times.  Where you learn deeply about connecting with another and when you learn the most about yourself.  Which makes it the perfect time to experiment with your boundaries.  What you are comfortable with and what you are not.  What you like and what you don’t.  By trying new things, inside and outside the bedroom, will help you on the journey of self discovery.  Bondage, the art of restraining, is a beautiful practice of surrendering and discovering the power of control.  You need to experiment with bondage to define your boundaries and discover your partners as well.  Ahead are 3 bridal-inspired handcuffs that you should consider in your next intimate encounter:

Bridal Bondage

Vixen Sparkly Bridal Handcuffs

Unleash the Vixen in you with these sparkly handcuffs designed to light up your most intimate moments with sensuality and discovery.  Long satin tyes coupled with sparkly cuffs make them the perfect weapon in the game of pleasure.  Wrap them around your wrists or ankles and let your imagination and temptation take over.  Discover the beauty and power of surrender in these handcrafted sparkly handcuffs.

Mademoiselle Pink Pearl Handcuffs 

Luxury and love.  A beautiful combo, don’t you think?  Enjoy this beautiful blend encapsulated in this alluring restraint.  Pink bauble pearl cuffs feature long satin tyes so you can make it a night, or a day, or a night and a day;) to remember.  Inspired by enchantment, these versatile bauble pearl handcuffs are not intimating and invite sweet seduction into your intimacy.

Like A Virgin Bridal Handcuffs

Touched for the very first time, or just pretend to be with these lacy handcuffs that are as flirtatious as you want to be.  Soft elastic loops encircle the wrists and the ankles to give you the versatility and varied experimentation that you can enjoy again and again.  Perfect as a wedding night exploration, honeymoon surprise or just because.  Enjoy the magic of your union with this pair of bridal-inspired soft bondage handcuffs!

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