Updo Season💕 Feminine Headbands

How to style your hair.  A question that many of us ask ourselves without a sure definitive answer.  Maybe a ponytail? Or a bun?  Or lots of curls pinned up.  No matter how you decide to style your hair, a feminine headband might be the answer that you are looking for!  Feminine headbands feature soft elastic and satin tyes that accent the front, side or back of the head for a flirtatiously feminine finish you can enjoy anytime your heart desires.  Feminine headbands encircle around the head and help define your look with femininity and elegance.  The Tyera Collection of feminine headbands is designed to create a feminine look no matter how you decide you want to style your hair. Wear it up, wear it down even wear them to yoga or spin, these feminine headbands are an easy solution for your next bad hair day.  Here are 3 feminine headbands to consider when you want to style your hair without much effort:

Feminine Black Bow Headband

Feminine Headbands | Black Bow Hair Accessories

Delight any hairstyle your heart desires with this versatile black hair bow headband!  Inspired by all things glam, this beautifully feminine black hair bow features a satin tye and soft elastic band that encircles the head for a perfect finish everytime.  Enjoy a little flirtation with any look your heart desires.

Feminine Headbands | Highness Black Bow Hair Accessories 

Layer it on with this petite yet bold black bow hair band designed to be worn anyway your heart desires. Wear it on the top of your head like a crown, off to the side or down below for a feminine statement you can make with any hairstyle.  Perfect for when you don't know how to style your hair, allow this petite and beautiful hair accessory show you the way!

Feminine Headbands | Lady Bow Hair Accessories 

Be the lady that you are with this versatile and comfortable hair bow band!  Inspired by all things ladylike, this feminine hair accessory features a handcrafted tye and soft elastic band that encircles the head for a flirtatious finish that you can take with you wherever you want to go!

love, tara