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Article: Vanity: A Feminine Collection of Sensual Jewelry & Accessories

Feminine Fashion

Vanity: A Feminine Collection of Sensual Jewelry & Accessories

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?  While vanity can be defined as an excessive pride in oneself, it is also noted that having confidence when you are feeling yourself is absolutely permissible.  Celebrating your body, mind, and femininity is a wonderful way to get into your own vibe and define your own style.  That is the essence and design aim of the Vanity Collection.  To give yourself the permission to celebrate yourself and enjoy what you have.  This collection of feminine jewelry and sensual intimates is designed to create a beautiful accessorizing experience no matter what you decide to wear.  Here is a quick look at each item in the Vanity Collection:


Wear your heart where it counts the most;)  These outrageously feminine nipple covers are a beautiful way to allow yourself to celebrate your humps.  Whether you are all lone dancing around your living room or getting ready to put on a striptease for your loved one, enjoying your sensuality is to be had when you are wearing the Vanity nipple covers!  These sparkly nipple covers feature a handcrafted satin tye and heart-shaped design to give your sensuality a spark of femininity and playfulness. 


Style your look with the utmost of femininity in these simple and elegant bow earrings!  Designed to be versatile and to make you feel beautiful, the Vanity bow earrings feature a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free leverback style earrings to create a look that is absolutely classic and elegant.  Wear these flirty bow earrings to brunch, out with friends or to the office, they make the perfect companion no matter where your heart takes you!


Celebrate your body with this simplest of details in this body chain designed to flatter and contour the torso.  Soft and flirty handcrafted satin tyes accent the corners of the torso while dainty, lead-free chain encircle the torso and secures in the back with a satin tye.  This ultra-feminine body chain is the perfect accessory to add to your cocktail dress, white collared shirt or lingerie set.  Celebrate yourself, you deserve it!

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