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Article: Walk this Way 🎀 Leg Garters For Your Everyday

Bow Leg Garters

Walk this Way 🎀 Leg Garters For Your Everyday

It's been around for a while now.  Wearing leg garters as an everyday accessory is a trend that is having a serious moment.  Whether you are headed out for a town on the town or relaxing in your boudoir, leg garters are a sensual intimate that makes a fabulously feminine statement.  Leg garters come in all different designs and styles so whether you are looking for something trendy or something sexy there is a leg garter for you!  Here are a few leg garters that range in style that are perfect for your everyday lifestyle:


When you are in the mood for feminine luxury, look no further than the Centerfold Pearl Leg Garters!  These sultry leg garters feature a luxuriously glass pearl strand that encircles the thigh and fits with a soft elastic back.  Top this off with a handcrafted satin tye and you are good to go!  Dance the night away or seduce in your boudoir, the Centerfold pearl leg garters are a must have for anyone looking for a sensually intimate accessory.


When you are feeling all sorts of ladylike, the Lady Leg Garters are for you!  Celebrate your femininity with the beautiful touch of these sensually intimate accessories!  The Lady leg garters feature a soft, intricate elastic that hugs the waist and thighs for a flawlessly feminine finish.  Wear these pretty little leg garters under a skirt, shorts or with nothing at all.  Be the lady that you were born to be.


Show off your thighs in these radiately beautiful leg garters from the Vixen Collection!  Designed to highlight your sensual side, the Vixen leg garters feature a sparkly rhinestone mesh with a soft elastic back so that it will customize to your thighs for a flawlessly feminine statement.  Wear these radiate leg garters for a night on the town under a skirt, over leggings or with your favorite lingerie set.  It's time to shine with these flirtatious and sparkly leg garters!

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