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Article: Wanderlust | Lingerie Jewelry For Your Next Destination

Wanderlust | Lingerie Jewelry For Your Next Destination

Maybe today.  Or maybe tomorrow.  Or maybe sometime next month you might indulge your sense of wanderlust and travel to a new place or a familiar city.  Traveling not only awakens yourself awareness but it also allows you to discover things you might not have if you never went at all.  Like the old adage goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  In the pursue of wanderlust, explore yourself a little more intimately with lingerie jewelry.  But what is lingerie jewelry, you ask?  Lingerie jewelry are fashion accents that help you discover your sensuality through styling.  Whether it’s a choker, a bracelet, a lingerie harness, leg garters or something in between, accessories allow you to style your look while exhibiting your uniqueness.    Wherever this world takes you, discover your sensuality wherever you are with lingerie jewelry.  Wear them privately so it’s something you can enjoy secretly or wear them loudly for everyone to see, no matter how you decide to style your lingerie jewelry, allow yourself to celebrate your femininity.  Here are 3 pieces of lingerie jewelry you should consider for your next destination:

Sensual Lingerie Jewelry

Femme Fatale Bowtye | A Seductive Lingerie Choker

Inspired by menswear, but made with a feminine twist, the Femme Fatale choker is designed to light up your decollete with seduction and style.  This handcrafted bow choker features a beautiful satin tye and soft elastic choker so that you can wear it all day and all night.  Make any look sophisticated and stylish with this lingerie choker. 

French Kiss Lingerie Harness | A Pearl Lingerie Accessory

Kiss any look with femininity and luxury with this handcrafted lingerie accessory designed to highlight your torso and transform any look.  This handcrafted lingerie harness features a dainty pearl string that caresses the torso while a soft elastic choker and waistband complete this sultry statement.

Pearlure Nipple Covers | Pearl Nipple Accessories

Nothing says luxury and sensuality like the Pearlure nipple covers!  These sparkly intimate accessories feature a luxurious tear-drop pearl and soft felt backing so that you can reuse them again and again!  Enjoy your wanderlust like never before with these handcrafted nipple accessories!

love, tara

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