#WeekendMood 🎀 3 Black Hair Bows

When it comes to the weekend, it's ok to replenish, to reflect and to simply do very little. Whether it's the weekend, a day off or a mini vacation, having the time to enjoy yourself and your style.  Black hair bows are the perfect #weekendmood accessory that you can simply insert into any hairstyle you desire while still getting a polished finish again and again.  Black hair bows are feminine accessories that you can enjoy whenever you want to accessorize but don't want to expand much effort.  Perfect for a walk in the park, hanging out with friends or simply doing whatever it is that you want to do with your time off.  Not only do black hair bows come in a variety of styles, they can also easily go with you wherever you want to go.  They can be as casual or a formal as you want them to be.  The Hairtyes Collection of black hair bows are inspired by all things feminine.  Using a mixture of lace, satin and velvet, this collection of versatile black hair bows are the perfect way to kick off your weekend.  Here are 3 black hair bows that you can enjoy this weekend or any day that your heart desires:

Black Hair Bows 

Bougie Lace Black Hair Bow

Enjoy elegance and luxury with this handcrafted black hair bow designed to light up any look you want.  This handcrafted black hair bow features long dangling lace strips and a salon style hair comb that you can insert into any hairstyle you want.  Discover style with this simple feminine accessory.

Marie Antoinette Black Velvet Hair Bow

Petite and powerful, this handcrafted black velvet hair bow comb is the perfect accessory for any weekend trip.  Walk in the park, enjoy a cup of coffee or just wander with this must have black hair bow designed to highlight any look with femininity and style.

XO Black Satin Hair Bow

Kiss your look with simple elegance and prestige in this simply beautiful black hair bow designed to light up any look you desire.  This satin hair bow features a salon style hair bow comb and elegant loops that makes the perfect way to top of any updo or any other hairstyle you want!

love, tara