What Makes You Blush?

To blush.  That effect on your face that happens when you feel embarrassed or ashamed of something.  We often emulate this look with makeup, but the feelings can often escape us.  The new Blush Collection is designed to light up your look with all the feels that make you blush.  Whether it's something that embarrasses you or intrigues you, this collection is edgy and sweet so you can capture it with several looks.  Each tye is lovingly handcrafted so you can enjoy accessorizing this collection with whatever your heart calls for.  Here is a quick glimpse at each item in the collection:

Blush Black Bow Choker

Black Bow Choker | Blush Bowtye

There is nothing better than something that makes you feel admired, cherished and valued.  And that is exactly what the blush black bow choker wants to do.  This handcrafted black bow choker encircles the neck with sophistication, with edge and with undeniable femininity that you can enjoy again and again.

Black Bow Headband | Blush Tyera

Light up any hairstyle with flirtation and style in this edgy and sweet black bow headband!  The Blush Tyera black bow headband features handcrafted satin tyes and a soft elastic that encircles the head for a flirty and feminine finish.  Enjoy the magic of blushing in this versatile black bow headband. 

Black Bow Pasties | Blush Pasties

Make your boudoir even sweeter with these handcrafted bow nipple pasties designed to make your most intimate encounters a little sweeter.  The Blush black bow pasties feature a handcrafted satin tye and heart detail that will make your boudoir wardrobe even more fun.

 Black Cage Bra | Blush Bratye

Frame any look with sensuality and desire in this flirty and feminine cage bra designed to make anyone blush.  Enjoy the comfort of soft elastic and handcrafted quality with this adjustable cage bra.  Wear it over a little black dress or sweet nothing to make your look edgy and feminine.


love, tara