Why You Need A Black Choker

A choker.  You might think it's a thing of the 90s.  Something that comes and goes with trends.  But there is something that I am going to tell you that might shock you.  Black chokers have been around of hundreds, actually over a thousand years!  So crazy, right!  So if you don't have a black choker in your jewelry box, than you are seriously missing out on an iconic piece of jewelry that you should definitely own.  A black choker has been known to symbolize a lot of different things and be worn by a lot of different people of different economic situations.  Prostitutes, queens, Avril Lavinge, you get it.  So not only have black chokers definitely been a thing they are a thing to many people.  So enjoy accessorizing known to last the test of time.  Whether you need something for a cocktail pool party or your new bfs office lunch, the black choker is your safeguard when it comes to a beautiful accessorizing strategy.  Here are 3 black chokers you should def consider adding to your jewelry box.

Black Choker

Black Bow Choker • Marie Antoinette Kitten Choker

You've seen them.  You know.  Kittens.  They look so cute.  So why not emulate them and take a move from their deck.  The Marie Antoinette black choker is a velvety choker that radiates luxury, beauty and style.  This classic black bow choker is the perfect addition to any look.  From the boudoir to the corner office, you will never get bored with this versatile black choker.

Black Pearl Choker • Mademoiselle Pearl Choker

Discover where luxury and style mingle together in this sensual pearl bow choker designed to light up any look.  Oversized bubble pearls are a beautiful way to effortlessly add a little luxury to any #lewk.  Whether you are heading to a black tye event or about to give a big work presentation, there is somewhere you can wear this luxuriously beautiful pearl choker.

Black Choker • Femme Fatale Choker

We all have a Femme Fatale in us.  It just depends when we want to let it out and be known.  Discover your seductress with this menswear-inspired black choker.  Using the traditional bowtie as a masculine equivalent, this seriously seductive black choker will instantly give your look the respect it deserves.

love, tara