#WIW 🎀 Feminine Bow Bracelets

What are you going to wear?  This is a very common question.  And sometimes it has a very boring answer.  Accessorizing can be the key to styling success as you decide what to wear.  With the plethora of options today, having feminine jewelry and accessories like bow bracelets will instantly feminize your look and create a finished statement without my time investment nor effort.  Simply slip on a bow bracelet from the Tyelet Collection, and your accessorizing is done.  Deciding what bow bracelet to wear tho can be the tricky part.  From dainty to bold, there is something for every look in this versatile and feminine collection.  Whether you are heading into the office or going out on the town, having a variety of different feminine jewelry and accessories makes your look complete and prim.  Here are a few bow bracelets that you need in your jewelry box for your next #WIW accessorizing opportunity:

Feminine Jewelry Bow Bracelets

Feminine Jewelry | Invitation Bow Bracelet 

Delight your look with the sweetest of accents in the Invitation bow bracelet!  This lingerie-inspired bow bracelet is a beautiful accent to any look you desire.  Whether you are heading out to a first date or just want something a little sexy, this bow bracelet is perfect to wear for that evening look.  Wear it with your little black dress, sexy nothings or with whatever your heart desires.

Feminine Jewelry | Bombshell Bow Bracelet  

Sometimes less is more.  The Bombshell bow bracelet is the perfect accent to wear anytime you want that extra hint of femininity.  The Bombshell bow bracelet features a handcrafted satin tye and soft satin bracelet that you can take with you everywhere.  Enjoy a little femininity any time your heart desires.

Feminine Jewelry | Duchess Bow Bracelet 

Be the Duchess that you are with this versatile and stylish bow bracelet designed to make your look feminine and flirty.  The Duchess bow bracelet features a handcrafted tulle tye and soft elastic bracelet band so that you can wear this anytime you need that extra bit of feminine style in your look.