Yes 🎀 Saying I Do to Feminine Intimates

Weddings.  The union of two people bonded in commitment, passion and love.  This celebration of love is undoubtedly a monumental point in ones’ life.  Moments that create memories with will last lifetimes.  The weight of this celebration can be taken as seriously or as lightly as you wish.  No matter if it’s a quick elopement or a big traditional event, having the right sensual and feminine accessories can transform your experience.  How? You ask.  Having feminine intimates like leg garters, nipple covers and handcuffs can open up your experience and your mind.  Invite new experiences, new ideas and a fresh perspective on your wedding day and night.  Enjoy your time together with feminine intimates and tools of passion that are designed to highlight your style with femininity and class.  Not only do they inspire your confidence, they are also perfect ways to rekindle these magical moments anniversaries down the road. Here are a few sensual intimates to consider for when you say I do:

Eve Bridal Leg Garters

Vanity Heart Nipple Covers

Wear your heart where It counts with these ultra-feminine nipple covers designed to make your most intimate moments even sweeter.  These flirty and feminine accessories are a beautiful way to create passionate intimate moments that will last a lifetime.  These handcrafted nipple covers feature a handcrafted satin tye and sparkly nipple cover base that you can wear again and again.  Enjoy your femininity and discover intimate style like never before with these love-inspired nipple covers. 

Vixen Sparkly Handcuffs

Add a little sparkle to your most intimate moments on your wedding night, honeymoon or anniversary with these beginner-friendly handcuffs.  The Vixen sparkly handcuffs feature a radiate rhinestone mesh cuff and long satin ribbons that you can tye together or to something else like a bedpost.  Enjoy bondage with these ultra-feminine sparkly handcuffs.

Eve Leg Garters

Nothing says feminine like these goddess-inspired leg garters designed to highlight your thighs with style and grace.  The Eve leg garters feature a beautiful metallic leaf trim and soft elastic backs so you can easily customize your fit.  Walk down the aisle and into your future with these beautiful bridal leg garters.