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Article: You Heartbreaker 💋 Sensual Lingerie Accessories

You Heartbreaker 💋 Sensual Lingerie Accessories

How to be a heartbreaker.  Whether it's just for fun or something a little more serious, when it comes to matters of the heart there is something for everyone to learn.  Going through your first heartbreak or breaking someones heart is never an easy thing.  But with the right sensual lingerie and intimates, it might be the best thing.  Enjoy moments of passion, love and style in the Heartbreaker Collection.  This collection of sensual lingerie accessories is designed to light up your world with seduction, play and passion.  From simple earrings to feminine soft bondage, there is seriously something for every kind of heartbreak.  Here is a glance at each item in this collection.

Heartbreaker Handcuffs Feminine Soft BondageFeminine Soft Bondage | Heartbreaker Tyecuffs

Experience the play between power and love with these feisty little things are will light up your imagination.  The Heartbreaker handcuffs feature soft elastic cuffs and lead-free chain that dangle and drape with sinister delight.  There is no stopping the heartbreaking here with these flirty handcuffs.

Feminine Black Bow Earrings | Heartbreaker Eartyes 

Do you want to discover accessorizing that is effortlessly feminine?  The Heartbreaker black bow earrings feature a beautiful satin tye and lead-free chain earring post that is so versatile and comfortable to wear, there are an easy way to accessorize again and again!

 Feminine Black Bow Belt | Heartbreaker Beltye

The original heartbreaker.  Take your heartbreaking skills with you wherever you go with this irresistibly feminine bow belt!  This bow belt features a lead-free chain that dangles with your curves, celebrating your femininity in a whole new way.  Enjoy accessorizing with this stylish black bow belt!

 Feminine Black Bow Anklet | Heartbreaker Anklet

Walk this way.  Enjoy a little flirtation on your journey with this flirty and feminine black bow anklet designed to light up your path wherever you decide to go.  Enjoy flirtation and seduction with this must-have bow anklet!


love, tara

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