Your FNA🥂 Feminine Nipple Accessories

Most people might have a weird preconception of nipple accessories.  Some might think that they are trashy, hurt or look like medical devices.  Others might look at it as a pathway to pleasure, a sensual enticement or an invitation to explore more.  Whatever your preconception is of this topic, the Niptyes Collection is here to confirm or change your perception.  These handcrafted nipple clamps are designed to deliver sweet sensual sensations without the pain that some might cause.  They are inspired to show you that nipple accessories can be so, so much more.  Nipple accessories can make the perfect gift for your lover or a gift to yourself as permission to explore your sensuality.  No matter what niptyes you try, the nipple accessories collection is completely non-committal so you can take them off or put them on as you please.  Enjoy your sensuality and discover your body again and again with this collection of nipple accessories.  Here are 3 nipple accessories for you to enjoy:

 Feminine Nipple Accessories

Bombshell Nipple Clamps

Discover the bombshell in you with these handcrafted nipple clamps designed to light up any sensual look you desire!  The bombshell nipple clamps feature a soft satin tye and nipple clamps that you can easily wear under a loose shirt or with perhaps not a thing at all.  You bombshell, you.

Vice Nipple Clamps 

What's your vice?  Discover it again and again with this ultra-feminine nipple clamps with chain.  The Vice Niptyes are perfect to wear with low V shirts, under a blazer or with nothing at all.  These handcrafted nipple clamps make for the perfect surprise for the one you love.

Secrets Nipple Clamps

Don't worry, it's our secret;) The Secrets Nipple Clamps are petite yet powerfully feminine nipple clamps that you can use to ignite your feminine side.  The Secrets nipple clamps feature a soft organza tye and adjustable nipple ring so you can wear them anytime you want a little secret.

love, tara