You're Invited 🎀 The Invitation Collection of Feminine Jewelry & Sensual Intimates

You're invited to explore your sensual side with the Invitation Collection!  This collection of sensual intimates and feminine accessories is inspired by bondage-like designs that flatter and contour the body.  Whether you are looking for something unique for your everyday or want something special for a night out, the Invitation Collection delights your look with simplicity and flirtation.  These simple pieces are versatile and feminine so you can take them with you wherever this world takes you.  Here is a quick glance at all the designs in this feminine and sensual collection:


Delight your style with sweet sensuality in these flirty and intricately designed nipple covers!  These reusable beauties are perfect to wear under a blazer for a sweet surprise or with your favorite boudoir set.  Sparkly nipple covers are accented by a daisy-like designed and topped off with a handcrafted tye.  You're invited to explore your sensuality with these sweet and intimate accessories. 


Looking for a unique accent?  The Invitation Tyelet bracelet cuff is a bondage-inspired bracelet that is designed to be worn on the forearm.  Wear the tye to the front, back or side.  Perfect for a night on the town or a dinner with girlfriends, this uniquely feminine bracelet is a perfect accent to your style.


Flirt with your thighs in these irresistibly sweet leg garters designed to celebrate your curves!  Whether you are dancing the night away or want to treat yourself to something feminine and unique, the Invitation Legtye leg garters are the perfect accessory to light up your boudoir. 


Make each step sweeter with the feminine touch of the Invitation Anklet!  This top-selling anklet is inspired by bondage and made to give your strut the sweetest of accents.  Soft elastic encircles the ankles for a comfortable fit that you can wear all day and all night.