Be A Classic with Bow Pearl Earrings

Forever. Such a strong word. Continually. Incessantly. Always. Eternal. To have something last forever is to have something special. That is stands the test of time. While, in fashion, there are trends that come and go, there are somethings that seem to stay around forever. Like the Eartyes Collection of bow pearl earrings. These versatile and timeless bow pearl earrings are designed to stand the test of time, to withstand whether waves and trends are occuring in fashion, whether you're 16 or 60, bow pearl earrings are your forever style. Ahead are three bow pearl earrings that you should consider when you are looking for something that will stay with you always.


Define elegance without a word in these beautifully versatile bow pearl earrings from the Marie Antoinette Collection. These handcrafted velvet tye earrings feature a creamy glass pearl teardtop that dangle with each move you make. Wear these bow pearl earrings with your favorite little black dress, business suit or perhaps nothing at all. Discover beauty in versatility with these timeless bow pearl earrings.


Sweeten your look with femininity and simplicity in these bow earrings from the Honey Collection. Inspired by the sweet taste of honey, these versatile and timeless bow earrings are a beautiful way to accessorize your #ootd no matter where you go. Wear these bow earrings with your favorite dress, business attire or lacy nothing. The options are all yours with these bow earrings that will easily transcend into any look.


What's your secret? Is it selecting bow earrings that will go with whatever season we're in? Thought so. Having a staple, go-to pair of earrings makes accessorizing your look effortless and beautiful. The Secrets Eartyes bow earrings are a playful and feminine way to light up your look any day of the year.