Layering with Accessories

When it comes to transitional times between seasons, it is essential to master the art of the layering. Because we don't always know what the weather is going to do and we want to be prepared for whatever comes our way. And we don't just limit layering to clothes. Expanding your layering savvy to accessories is not only fashionable, it's also super sexy. However many of us might be confused on where the best place is to start or how to begin the art of layering. Accessing your accessory and jewelry wardrobe and try matching it with different looks is a great place to start. Have fun with it. It's all about unconventional combos and inspiring your sensuality that will really get you passionate about becoming a layering goddess. Ahead are a few suggestions to turn transitional looks into something you might want to wear all year round:

Beltyes Bow Belts

Yes, a surprising twist to this boudoir-inspired accessory. Try coupling this contouring accessory over a simple t-shirt or a menswear button down to give any look instant sex appeal. One of our favorite corset-style accessories, the Beltye Collection, is a boudoir-inspired collection that contours your body with flirtation and style. Wear them with your favorite sweater dress even to break up the monotone vibes of transitional times.

Bowtyes Chokers

Expanding your layering skills beyond transitional clothing pieces is an art all in itself. One of our favorite layering tactics is wearing a choker with a longer chain necklace. This not only highlights your decollete with femininity and style, it also adds dimension and character to your look. Try wearing the Marie Antoinette Bowtye with a gold or silver chain to give your look a sensual appeal that you can wear almost anywhere!

Ringtyes Bow Rings

Adjustable rings, they are kinda awesome, imma right? They can be worn on any finger you want and you can even make them into midi-rings, if you so please. So layer different rings on a variety of different fingers. To start, try wearing the Hickey Ringtye with your favorite gemstones, gold-toned or whatever style ring to mix and match different looks together. Wear it as a thumb ring and add more metal rings to give your fingers some seriously stylish variety.