Soft Girl Style

Accessorizing is a strong form of self expression, and when we're embracing our soft girl era, it encourages us to lean into our femininity. Soft girl style is all about feminine details creating a soft and radiant vibe. This aesthetic trend celebrates femininity and gives you permission to escape the #girlboss hustle mentality for a slower more intentional way of living and styling.  Enjoy the smallest details and slow down with these feminine and classic accessories that will soften your style elegantly and effortlessly.

Honey Pink Bow Eartyes Earrings

Discover jewelry that will stand the test of time with these versatile and feminine bow earrings from the Honey Collection. These handcrafted satin bow earrings feature a dainty satin tye and secure leverback earwire that you can enjoy all week or all weekend long.  No matter if you're brunching or just lounging around your boudoir, these feminine bow earrings are designed to soften your style.

White Doll Bow Bracelet 

Take softness with you everywhere with this undeniably feminine bow bracelet from the Doll Collection.  This handcrafted satin bow bracelet features a soft satin tye and elastic wristband making it beautiful to wear with your favorite dresses or lacy nothings. 

Yours Truly Black Hairtye Hair Bow Barrette

Complete your favorite hair styles with classic femininity and soft style in this handcrafted black bow hair barrette from the Yours Truly Collection.  This satin black hair bow features a salon style hair barrette that you can easily wear with your favorite updos or simply with your hair down.  Who knew soft style could feel so good.